is such a wonderful

book publishing house.

In 2007, they released

the compilation Beasts!,

a 'Pictorial Schedule

of Traditional Hidden Creatures

from the Interest of 90 Modern Artistans'.

Edited by Jacob Covey,

the book features artists'

own renditions of monsters.

Art:  Tom Gauld

Tyler Stout's Kukuwaq monster

(featured below)

is a particular favorite.

Following the Vol. 1 release,

in 2008, they released

Beasts! Book Two,

which features

an entirely new lineup

of illustrators creating beasts

of all shapes and sizes.

Jon Vermilyea (featured in the banner)

makes an appearance

and all is well in the world.

Head over the Fantagraphics store

to grab both of these

great coffee table books.

Grab a notepad and create

your own monsters,

the ones that are floating

inside your head,

waiting to be released.