Mudita is a Buddhist practice described as sympathetic or unselfish joy, or joy in the good fortune of others.

Austin, Texas producer

Emune released

a nineteen song

beat project

known as Mudita.

The hip-hop instrumentals

hit the spot,

never sticking around

for too long,

but still surpassing

the two minute mark,

which most beats

can't boast.

It is an inner wellspring of joy that is always available, in all circumstances, to all beings.

Tracks like

the piano driven “Glenwood”

and “Hierba”,

or the noir sounds

of “Elevators”,

particular impress.

If you need more

from the beat guru

be sure to check out

Raw Flips 3

which Emune dropped

earlier this month.

Making others happy could be the greatest joy this realm has to offer. Try it.