A few months back,

I wrote a feature story

on the late American

novelist and poet

Richard Brautigan.

Since running that article,

I haven't stopped

reading his work.

I'm about 75%

done with his writings,

and just have

a few more

novels to burn through.

Yet I digress.

While searching

Brautigan's name

on Behance

like a total nerd,

I stumbled upon

a second-hand journal

that Turkish artist

Ozge Demirbas

turned into something

both vintage and timeless.

Featuring lines

from Brautigan's novel

In Watermelon Sugar,

the torn and faded

notebook embraces

its flaws and shines


I want to hold it

in my hands and never

write a word in it.

If you like what you see,

you can check out more

from Turkish artist

Ozge Demirbas

right here.

She does a great job

painting rocks.

Perhaps it was raining very hard. That is my name.