Latvian author Juris Kronbergs

joined forces with independent

book publisher The Emma Press

for the bilingual book

of children's poems

known as

The Book of Clouds.

Featuring tidbits about

snot clouds, half clouds,

cloud dreams, when clouds

bloom, why clouds

can never die,

and much more,

the collection is fitting

for dreamers young and old.

The Book of Clouds

is an informative,


whacky, and beautiful creation

all rolled into one

dazzling cloud formation.

With stunning multimedia

artwork courtesy

of Anete Melece,

the book features

writing prompts (from translator

Richard O'Brien), translation

guides, and even blank space

for everyone to write about

clouds, draw favorite clouds,

or even add stickers,

fallen leaves, flowers galore.

It's an interactive book

meant to help you

look up and enjoy

the skies, whether

the clouds are white, grey,

blue, or maybe (hopefully)

resemble cotton candy.