I recently requested

that the chapbook

Good Luck with

the Moon & Stars

& Stuff

be added

to the Uchicago

Library catalog.

Once the item arrived

via Bottlecap Press,

I read through

the poems

by Beyza Ozer.

Released back in 2015

as a mixed batch

of funny, lonely,

heartbroken, and lovesick,

the tiny book

is an original collection

of wonder courtesy

of Ozer, who has since

gone on to assist

as an editor

for Big Lucks

and a 'deputy director'

for YesYes Books.

To read/hear a sampling

of this book,

say no more, fam.

Ozer has followed

this release with

2016's I Don't Mean to Redshift

(Maudlin House)

and 2017's Fail Better

(Fog Machine).