Reading 'oldies'

singer and songwriter

Al Bowlly's

Wikipedia page

is like reading

a fictional story

for an upcoming biopic.

Despite being born

in Mozambique

and being South African

and dying in France,

he was, in fact,

crowned as 'Britian's first

pop star.'

For example:

Al Bowlly found

considerable success

after finding his wife

with another man

on their wedding night.

He then went

on to record

over 1,000 songs

in a decade before

taking a train home

one fateful night

and sleeping during

a bombing outside

his room,

one that killed

him instantly.

You're probably familiar

with his song

in the movie Amelie,

but if you need more

of that nature, be sure

to check out his

greatest hits

on Spotify.

It'll take you back

to a black and white

decade that went down

probably before

you existed.

If you were around

in the 1930s

and you're reading this,

you're amazing.