It's been great

seeing Trapo grow.

From his first project,

The Black Beverly Hills,

last year, to SHE EP,

earlier this year, and now,

to Shade Trees, his first

full-length release.

Three projects since

2015 and he's only

eighteen years old.

Be sure to check out

his in-depth

feature/cover story

over at TheseDays.

Shade Trees is sixteen

tracks with only

two features

(Saba and Skizzy Mars).

It's a Trapo spotlight

that shows his eclecticism

and flow switch-ups,

sounding like a cross

between a film noir

and a street saga.

"Hello" is so good.

Producers make multiple

appearances, like Chris LaBella

and Norwei,

who both help with six

of the tracks,

and Derrick Thomas,

who helps with three.

Stream the whole project

above and be sure to browse

Trapo's website. It's clean

enough to make a gallery

of the images below.