Her face was a fairy tale
It has a poison apple
Her skull was a mighty moat
Her brain was the castle

The Flaming Lips

have returned back

to fairy land

where neon lights

and melting smiles

take shape under

half a dozen

sleepless moons.

And the castle gets mistaken for a shape that’s frozen in the clouds

Back in October,

they released

"The Castle",

an animated

and psychedelic

lead single

for their new album,

Oczy Mlody,

arriving on January 13.

One month later,

they released their second

music video,


With red and blue

suited up and masked

ladies, the slow

motion video

utilizes Roman candles

and stuffed animals

with reckless abandon.

These two videos

show such great promise

for Oczy Mlody,

the band's seventeenth

studio album.

I am loyal

to the FLips era

of Yoshimi and The Soft Bulletin

(shout-out Zaireeka)

and this project

seems like it might be

a return to the more

poppy and accessible

Lips sound. Both

of these tracks

are grooved out hits.

January can't come

quickly enough.