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I was reading

an article

over on The Awl

about why I should follow

Val Kilmer on Twitter.

The article mentioned

his online store

full of abstract art,

so obviously I took

a browse.

The hand crafted art

ranges from pendants

to magnets

to paintings,

as well as a book

titled God,

featuring pieces of Kilmer's art

created in Malibu 2014-2016.

But what struck my attention

the most was a book

of poems from 1987

called My Edens After Burns.

Written by,

you guessed it,

Val Kilmer.

For $500,

you can buy the limited edition

book, hand signed.

If someone wants

to grab it for me,

my birthday is around

the corner.

If not, I might

have to start a GoFundMe

just to gaze inside.

Shout-out Val.

Shout-out The Saint.

Shout-out The Salton Sea.

Perhaps my favorite,

shout-out Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,

which we covered

back in December.