Naji's track “Olu's House

remains one of my favorite

tracks of the year.

Posse cuts always

hit the spot

and the video

does nothing

but help.

One of the shining

moments of the track

is RNDYSVGE's short

and sweet verse.

I ended up

seeking out

more of his work

and rather than

coming across

a bar-heavy

SoundCloud page,

it was instead

an eclectic assortment

of guitar-driven

bedroom pop

atmospheric r&b,

and future beats.

He's thankfully

compiled a 30

song playlist

known as '2015-2016'

to show what

he was on,

while the top

of the page

is dedicated to

his most recent track,

“BesFrend,” which is

only a few weeks old.


is a stripped

down love song

that never

grows old.

I could loop

the song forever.

It might need to be

a new ringtone.

Scroll through

the page of SVGE

and be sure

to check out

his other recent singles

like “Snakes”

and "FindU."