I first started listening

to producer Michael Uzowuru

after he released an EP

in 2012 with Vince Staples

called Winter in Prague.

The instrumental "Mattress"

was my ringtone for years.

They've both grown

significantly since that EP,

with Staples taking the spotlight

on last year's Summertime 2006,

and Uzowuru crafting gold

behind the scenes.

This year alone,

he handled the production

on Frank Ocean's "Nights",

Frank Ocean's "Rushes To",

and over half of the tracks

on Kevin Abstract's project,

American Boyfriend:

A Suburban Love Story.

Production credits aside,

it's worth revisiting

Uzowuru's 2014 EP,

Pink Orchids.

The five songs still hold up

and sounds even better

with falling leaves

and cold Chicago breeze.

Vic Mensa, Peter Cottontale,

and Nico Segal all make

post worthy appearances.

If you need more,

Uzowuru has some loose

gems on his SoundCloud

with Vic Mensa and Anderson .Paak.

Heat. Heat. Heat.