Rapper/producer Nickelus F

and producer Ohbliv

join forces

yet again

behind the counter

of Brewer's Cafe

in Richmond, Virginia.

Rather than performing

a medley of released

jams, rather than performing

tracks for their 2011

tape Yellow Gold

or 2013's YG2,

the two decided

to do something

both original and exclusive.

Unheard rhymes

over unheard beats,

this 37 minute

video might as well

be an album listening

party. It's an experience

you can't hear

anywhere else.

The eleven songs

aren't even recorded.

Maybe one day

we'll hear them

but this offering

is a thoughtful

and unique

take on how

the public inhales

and digests media

and entertainment.

I don't know

what to call this,

but when I make

my end of the year

album list, this live

one-take session

will be near

the top.