After digesting

Patrick McHale's

Over the Garden Wall,

I found a music video

he animated called "Zombie"

from Australian calypso

delta blues musician

C.W. Stoneking.

All those words clumped

together and I still

didn't describe him properly.

At the time

of the first video

viewing, I didn't

know what I was

getting into.

What followed

was a rabbit hole

(see also: worm hole)

of great music

and playful videos

from a modern era

trapped inside yesteryear.

Capsule blues

lost in time.

I don't really

have a point of reference

for these songs

by Mr. Stoneking,

but they remind me

of Beirut's horns,

of DeVotchKa's sadness,

of Lemony Snicket's


all thrown into

a cauldron

with a heavy splash

of voodoo

potion boogaloo. 

If anyone has the blues,

it's C.W. Stoneking,

and boy will

his blues

move you.

After burning through

the three music

videos above

from Ole C.W.

(who was born in the 70s

despite remaining perpetually

in the 20s, 30s, 40s),

I found his Bandcamp

and haven't stopped listening.

While he has a few

other albums

from his earlier days

that I have yet

to experience,

his Bandcamp hosts

three LPs,

all worth your while.

His album Jungle Blues,

my personal favorite

of the three,

is a conceptual time piece,

both entertaining

and deeply moving.

"Jailhouse Blues"


"Talkin' Lion Blues"


"Jungle Lullaby".

All three of those


get me every



If you've made it

this far down the article,

be sure to read

the concept of

Jungle Blues


and press play above

to enjoy

'a lazy afternoon

in paradise.'