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I'm still new to this world. Updates to follow. 



(July 2016)

My first collection of poems and short stories. Made up of 80 one-page pieces, Paper Wind documents my time since arriving in Chicago in 2013. Travels, inner thoughts, insomniac abstractions, and a bunch of Windy City experiences involving music. It was published through DustyINTL

 Just a  taste

Just a taste



(November 2016)

My first zine/anthology. Made up of 40 pages with 26 contributing artists, Drawing a Blank is a multimedia experience complete with photographs, drawings, poems, a grocery list, a sci-fi love story, an anonymous interview, and more. This book was self-distributed with help from Jaro.

 Just a  nibble

Just a nibble

For more poetry/creative writing, you can visit right here.

Oh yeah, that photo at the top? My photographer buddy Ryan Dorgan took it at 10,305 ft.