I reached out

to Japanese artist

Ikegami Yoriyuki

on more than one occasion

to do a feature story,

but to no avail.

Despite not getting

the interview that I wanted,

I still wanted

to educate the masses

on the incredible paintings

by this well-received artist

residing in Kyoto.

Although I can't read

any of the content

on their Twitter account,

I still loyally follow

(no Instagram)

and am dazzled by paintings

of surreal, magical,

traditional yet modern

imagery that's so unique

that it remains floating

within its own realm.

Enjoy the images throughout

this article

and check out Yoriyuki's website

called Sad Night

if/when your eyes

need more shine.

On top of original paintings

found on the personal account,

Yoriyuki has also designed

album covers and is planning

a solo art event

called Petals

from March 2 - March 5.