The headline says it all:

Madison, Wisconsin

rapper Trapo

has released a batch

of songs over

the last week,

including a freestyle,

a 55 second track,

and a single.

Trapo's most recent

track is called


and comes complete

with Thelonious Martin


This needs proper

speakers to fully

enjoy. Shouts

to the horns.

A day before

"Road", Trapo dropped

a 55 second song

called "Officer Down".

It is a quick vignette

where Trapo handles

both vocals and production.

Spin it back twice.

Lastly, Trapo

released a freestlye

known as "Match".

It's a fast-paced

lyrical eruption

over loose and relaxed

production, making

for one hell

of a contrast.

If you need more

from Trapo, be sure

to check out Shade Trees

from last year.

It still sounds as good

as the day it dropped.