I am deep

within the second

volume of The Familiar,

author Mark Z. Danielewski's

ambitious 27

part series.

Releasing two volumes

every year,

with each book

containing 880 pages,

by the time

he is finished,

I'll be 40,

he will be 62,

and the series

will contain

23,760 pages.

When the first book

was released

in May of 2015,

Danielewski spoke

in Chicago

and said that he's treating

the 27 books

like a series of television,

with every five books

acting as a season,

making five seasons

total, with a lengthy


The first book

is more or less

the pilot episode,

and like I said,

I'm halfway

through the second book,

so I'm just now starting

to get comfortable

and familiar with all characters.

The plan is to finish

the second this month,

start and finish the third

in January, all

in time for the fourth

to be released 

on February 7.

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