Artwork by  Moses Chisale

Artwork by Moses Chisale

Today we offer

you the premiere

of "Purple Circles",

a song featuring singer

Drea Smith

as well as producers

Banks the Genius,

Noah Sims,

and I.B.C.L.A.S.S.I.C.

This is truly

a Chicago collaborative

affair, with Vibe Dealer

Drea Smith

handling a drowsy

yet hypnotic flow

over the atmospheric

and bass heavy


It reminds me

of something

Zero 7

and Portishead

might have released

a decade ago.

It reminds me

a futuristic

radio broadcast

found out

in the nothingness

of space.

What a Thursday.

Enjoy the premiere

up above and

check the playlist

of the four artists

that helped

with this track