Art by  Squibs

Art by Squibs

Perfect Version

is a multi-media platform

run by creative entrepreneur

Jabril Power.

Based out of New York,

I helped to premiere

the Dolly Avenue lookbook for

the streetwear/fashion brand

back in July,

and now we're back

with some original music.

Art by  DaRaun

Art by DaRaun

After releasing his jersey

clothing line

last summer

as well as an EP

called Skin

entirely produced by

Quinn Cochran,

I've made an effort to keep

up on all things

Jabril Power / Perfect Version.

Art by Succa

Art by Succa

Now, to compliment

the clothing,

the new brand

has released a single

known as "Dream Portals".

Produced by suuspended,

the auditory experience comes

complete with four pieces

of art (each one

credited underneath

the upload).

Art by KhalilandSmith

Art by KhalilandSmith

The atmospheric song

with multiple pieces

of art

does nothing

but enhance an otherwise

mediocre Tuesday.

Choose which of the

'Dream Portals'

you prefer to enter

on this day

in January

and never

look back.