Photo cred:  Alex Firtl

Photo cred: Alex Firtl

One of my oldest friends,

Alex Firtl,

sent me a picture

the other day

of three surveillance cameras

pointing in opposite directions

He said to me,

"I took this a while ago,

and while it doesn't perfectly

reflect what's going on right now,

I think it's great."

Rightfully so, Mr. Firtl.

2017 is in political turmoil

and I have no idea

what to believe.

Are puppet masters

at play?

Are surveillance vans

on every corner?

Have I placed duct tape

over the camera

on my laptop?

Have I watched Mr. Robot

over and over?

Have I noticed a spike

in 1984 book sales

as well as more public

discussions of how

we are living

in a simulation?

Yet still I march onward,

confused, a bit paranoid,

tweeting away

my minuscule life,

waiting to see

what this series finale

holds for America.

If you'll excuse me,

I need to get back

to my think piece

on how The Truman Show

was far ahead of its time.