OK // A Novel by Kool A.D.

Rapper, writer, visual artist, 

unique minded Kool A.D. 

has released so much

solo content and beyond

that he doesn't even need

to be introduced

as an ex-member

of Das Racist, 

but here I am, 

bringing up Das Racist

like a fool. 

Anyway, Mr. A.D. 

released his first novel

known simply as OK

Very little is known

about the content, 

other than this excerpt:

‘I’m the best rapper,’ I whispered into the void of the night and the void howled back: ‘No doubt, no doubt.’

Regardless of story, 

I'm certain it'll captivate. 

I promise that

you need it in your life

to get you

through the holidays.

Color the Moon // A Children's Book by Saba Moeel

With plenty of creativity

blooming in the same

household, Kool A.D.'s

wife (and mother

of his only child)

released her own

children's book,

one she wrote

and illustrated,

known as Color the Moon.

I've mentioned this before,

but these two

might be the coolest

couple on Earth.

A little girl wonders why the moon is white. She wants to bring color to the moon, but doesn’t know the best way to begin. She meditates, and experiences the opening of her third eye, her imagination. She begins with a drawing of the moon, and colors it in using a box of crayons

I just sent a letter

to Santa asking

for both of these books

and you should do the same.