No matter how many

SoundCloud pages

and great songs

you may find late at night,

there's always something new

to discover by the morning.

I didn't know

about "sleepy beat collective"

Nemuri Winter

until recently,

so here's a quick

rundown of what's going

on in their Spotlight.

Nemuri Winter, Vol. 1

A thirteen song, 33 minute mix that was released on Christmas day of last year. It's a great intro into the world of Nemuri Winter, one full of instrumentals, dazzling lofi minimalism, and magical amounts of bounce.

Trashton - “Your Presence”

The reason I found out about this collective: Trashton. I've been listening in on this young talent ever since he caught my ear with Falsevacancy. This time around, he gives us a lofi heater complete with vocals from Vietra. It's a touching single.

Ocha - “Basil”

This is an instrumental daydream. It feels like flying for 90 seconds. I quickly followed Ocha, who most recently dropped the song “Miss U”, which is equally as strong.

Ahiru - “I'll Walk You Home”

A piano-driven ambient number from Ahiru. It's a downtempo track that might demand a box of Kleenex depending on your current emotional level. Are you sensing a theme here? That breakdown is gorgeous.

Don't Care - “Hangout”

Last month, artist Don't Care released a hip-hop instrumental a bit more glitched and experimental than the rest on this rundown. The song is its own monster, freeforming and keeping high energy levels while still maintaining a minimal undertone of being somber.