Back in October,

one of my favorite artists


released an incredibly

woke music video

called "Lost in the World".

It's a strong social commentary

on the status of the country

(and the globe)

and will have your jaw

on the ground

by the unsettling


When this video

was released

over a month ago,

I thought it was

the lead single

to a forthcoming album,

not realizing

that it dropped

in October as well.

These Systems Are Failing

marks Moby's 13th LP

(and his first

as Moby & The Void

Pacific Choir),

one that is a change

of pace from his four

hour ambient release

earlier this year.

While I prefer

sad and reflective

(see also: melancholic)

Moby over politically

aggressive Moby, 

it's always nice

to get new content

from Mr. Little Idiot.

All hail Moby.