Koala is a personal tribute to love and love lost - a fragile meditation on depression and passion. Solidarity in solitude, we are not alone.

North Carolina producer


just returned from tour

out in Europe

with Mr. Lif.

The two released

The Life & Death of Scenery

through Adult Swim

earlier this year.

The album sounds even

better now that

it's winter.

To top it off,

L'Orange couldn't close

2016 without a solo project.

Koala EP is a free release

from the vintage, vinyl

fiend, noir 

producer who has a

signature style

that I'm so happy to hear

more of.

Stream or download

the seven songs above,

check out an interview

I did with L'Orange

for Bandcamp,

and enjoy a poem

by the man himself

about this release.


to Work the Angle

on the artwork.

Even if we break,
we are rebuilt with gold
to show that we are not defined
by our construction.
We can wear
our cracks
on our arms and faces
— L'Orange