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All images courtesy of

Artist Kyle by Kyle quickly caught my eye after a series of collage-esque imagery (but not at all) that maintained both minimalism and intricacies; each piece tells a story full of imagination and imagery. An archer with feet of fire. A serpent seeking a balloon. Floral patterns found inside cigarettes and champagne. 

Alongside these seemingly ancient yet modern pieces, Kyle also crafts his own pins, his own T-shirts, and even his own rules. I felt it was necessary to ask him a few questions (he keeps it short) after he recently removed everything on his Instagram with only one post stating:

Where are you currently located? Can you describe your environment?

San Francisco. Cold but the Sun is still part of every meal.

For those unfamiliar, can you introduce yourself?

I go by the name of (Kyle by Kyle)

How long have you been taking your craft seriously?

Hm. Fresh out of the womb.

What are some studio essentials? (programs, instruments, caffeine, etc.)

My hands and eyes.

Featured Tracks: 'Ascension' // 'Sunday Shoes' // '.wavy' // 'I Think About You Sometimes'

What's the rest of the year looking like for you?
Expressing my appreciation for this year and planning for the next.
Have you had any crazy dreams lately?
Craziest dream recently was a lake full of dead babies. Fucking horrible.

Any inspirations/recommendations of media outside of your own? 

Childish Gambino’s album is gunna kill the game.
Do you have any advice for artists working on their craft?

Don’t be a pussy. It ain’t that serious.

Any final words/thoughts/shout-outs?
Shouts to Uncommon Value. Without yall I’d be a sleep.