Say what you want

about Kid Cudi

but find me a cooler

music documentary than

The Journey of Mr. Rager.

While that was four years

ago, Cudder has done plenty

since to hold our attention.

Most recently, he released

two music videos in preparation

for his upcoming album.

First, we received the video

for "Frequency", which

Kid Cudi directs,

and which takes to the woods

for some mushroom high

make outs and red eyed

tribal dances. 

Following that, Cudi

released the video

for "Surfin'", which

comes produced by Pharrell

and takes yet again

to the jungle, the

technicolor trees dancing

in the night lights.

Shouts to A$AP Rocky,

Jaden Smith, Williw Smith,

and King Chip, who can

all be found in "Surfin'",

which is also directed

by Scott Mescudi.

I'm not sure when

Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin'

will be released,

but watch these videos

on loop until

that day arrives.