Your body might depart

from the Blue City,

but part of your heart

will always remain.

This is what I've come

to realize, at least,

ever since leaving

Jodhpur, India

last summer.

A dazzling, magical,

labyrinthine city

covered in blue:

this is the shooting location

for the documentary

Junun, a film shot and directed

by Paul Thomas Anderson.

The hour-long film

acts as a companion piece

to the collaborative album

between Radiohead's Johnny Greenwood,

Israeli composer Shye Ben Tzur,

and a significant amount

of Indian artists

under the name

Rajasthan Express.

To watch the film

is to return

to the Blue City,

a place unlike any other.

Enjoy the screenshot gallery

below if you need convincing

of the visible magic

found in the Eastern world.