February 7.

Happy birthday

to the late great

Detroit producer

J. Dilla.

He passed away

eleven years ago

and would have been

43 years old today.

As I do every year

around this time

(born on the 7th

and passed away

on the 10th),

I listen to Jaylib,

the collaborative album

between J. Dilla and Madlib.

I know a bunch of people

revisit Donuts

and solo Dilla material,

and that's wonderful,

but Jaylib calls my name.

If you're unfamiliar,

50% of the album

is Dilla rapping over Madlib

and the other 50%

is Madlib rapping over Dilla.

"Champion Sound"

into "Red"

is flawless.

Shouts to Guilty Simpson

every day.

If you need to celebrate

Dilla's legacy more,

you can catch

a Dilla tribute

on the 10th in Chicago

with Illa J, Thelonious Martin,

and Harris Cole. 

All proceeds go to

the J. Dilla Foundation.