Composer Kristofer Maddigan

went back in time

with the original soundtrack

for the video game

Cuphead. Released

back in September,

the 56 song soundtrack


features almost

three hours of jazz,

ragtime, calypso blues,

and big band breakdowns.

The soundtrack

features dozens

of musicians, ranging

from tuba to clarinet

to piccolos to pianos,

and is currently

the Billboard charts

for jazz albums.

Since I haven't

played the video game

created by Studio MDHR,

I had to check it out,

and while searching

for a trailer,

I stumbled upon

a 45 minute

speed run.

I found myself

watching the entire thing.

Battling potatoes,

tombstones, genies,

birds, and so many more.

The animation, like the music,

is reminiscent of early

American cartoons, feeling like

a vintage return

to yesteryear.

What a surreal delight.

I might need

to buy an Xbox.

Until then, I'll listen

to the soundtrack.