Yes, I've read plenty

of Charles Bukowski in my time

but I think my favorite novel of his

is Post Office. It's not his most

famous book, but the documentation

of a mind-numbing day-to-day job

couldn't be more accurate.

I've read a few times

over the course

of the last decade

and it always entertains.

While it's a 'novel', the whole thing

seems incredibly autobiographical,

as most of Bukowski's work

tends to be.

While revisiting my Bukowski collection,

I also began skimming through his poems

within the anthology What Matters Most

is How Well You Walk Through the Fire.

Get it tatted on my chest.

Featuring content from the 70s to the 90s,

this book is 400 pages

of honest debauchery.

Drink a beer (or ten)

and buy these books here.

Below is a video of Bukowski

reading at Bellevue

Community College

in 1970.