An attempt to address the pinballing association between gender and identity across the storytellings of Hindu mythology, this project presents as a collection of conversations between seven unlikely pairings.

Artist Rhea Iyer

has attempted

to tap into a very

emotional and vulnerable

realm by launching

a series of

illustrative work

with combined poetry.

The black and white

pieces of art

are complimented

with poetry

to create a truly

unique multimedia


The complete series

is heavily inspired

by the 24,000 verse


an ancient Indian

epic poem

full of royalty,

war, struggle,

exile, and ultimately


While you can read

Iyer's poetry

throughout the Behance

link, I included

my favorite below.

Enjoy the pieces

throughout and if you like

Iyer's work,

she also has another series

involving an

"elephant, cloud thing."